Morning Desert Safari

MORNING DESERT SAFARI is something mind-blowing, and what is more significant is when you witness the wilderness and beauty of the desert in the morning. There is something magical about the mornings in the desert, and it gives you a wonderful. During your trip to Dubai never miss a chance to visit the spectacular desert safari which is waiting for you with all its might and grace. One can feel here that they are lost in a wonderland which is composed of a vast sea of golden glittery sand and massive dunes. Everything seems so perfect here. If you want to spend your trip away from the city hustle and bustle in a peaceful and tranquil place, then you must not miss the Morning Desert Safari.


We have customized packages for all our customers. We prefer to design our packages by keeping customers’ needs in mind. For all those who do not want to have an overnight desert safari trip, they can just go for a morning desert safari. The only essential things are that never miss a chance to visit this spectacular piece of nature’s beauty. Just make sure to visit this hidden gem in Arabia, and we provide you with an opportunity to get a taste of this exquisiteness of Dubai desert with an entirely different view.

Mornings in deserts are fabulous, and especially the beauty of the sunrise view of the desert is just cannot be explained in words. Once you leave the glamour’s side of Dubai, you will get a chance to the breathtaking beauty of the region in an epic and refresh way. Pickup service will be provided to all the visitors, and your journey to nature’s masterpiece will begin. You will instantly realize that this journey will prove to be life-changing once you travel through the empty roads into desolated but at the same time charming desert.

Many great and exciting outdoor activities are available for all of the visitors, including dune bashing, which is the most favorite among all. Apart from dune bashing, one can also enjoy a camel ride, quad biking, hot air balloons and much more. You also get a chance to learn the fantastic Arabic culture and traditions by visiting the Bedouin-inspired campsites.


Desert safari is no short of options to entertain its guests. Not even a single second during your trip you will get bored. You will have one of the best and most entertaining things to do here. Here are few best things one can do in their morning desert safari trip:

Quad Biking in Morning Desert Safari

Under the rising sun, soft light rays and the cold sand from last night provides you with the best opportunity to enjoy the exciting quad biking in desert safari. It is a great option to experience the beauty of the desert while enjoying quad biking. This will be both fun and adventure at the same time. To get a maximum level of joy and excitement, to try to learn quad biking tricks and do it on your own.

Early Morning Desert Safari View

Even doing nothing and just standing in the middle of the desert and taking a look at the splendid and spectacular view of the desert will give you immense pleasure and happiness. You will find ample opportunities to try to capture the beauty of the desert in your camera. But it will be a challenging task to capture the charm and the awe-struck beauty of the desert in pictures. It indeed, is challenging.

Morning Camel Safari

How can one not get a ride of the desert ship? One of the prominent features of morning desert safari is the camel trekking for its visitors to enjoy the desert ride. Guided rides of famous desert ships are available to learn how to explore the vast territory of the desert and why they are used for transportation in deserts.

Learn Arabian Culture

It is not justified if you visit desert safari and go back without exploring the fantastic Arabic culture. At our special campsite, you are allowed to learn Arabic culture and traditions.

Basic Package
AED 150
Per Person

Shared Transfer

Camel Ride

Pick & Drop

(Special Discount for Group of 7 Persons or above)

Advance Package
AED 300
Per Person

Shared Transfer

Quad Bike

Camel Ride

Pick & Drop



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